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Founding Meeting

NEWW founding meeting was held in June 1991 in Dubrovnik. NEWW began as an international communication and resource network supporting dialogue, informational exchange and activism among those concerned about women's situation in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union..


NEWW On-Line

Between 1994 and 1997, NEWW has established the first women's electronic communications network, NEWW On-Line, which continues to be one of the largest on-line networks in the region devoted to women's issues.


NEWW Registration

Registered as a 501 (c) (3) organization in 1995, NEWW coordinates research and advocacy that supports women's equality and full participation in all aspects of public and private life. Until May 2004 NEWW had its headquarters in Washington DC.


NEWW Legal Fellowship Program

Started in 1997, the NEWW Legal Fellowship Program has supported the advocacy work of 25 women lawyers from the region.


NEWW-Polska Registration

NEWW's independent regional branch office, NEWW-Polska was registered in 1999 in Gdansk, Poland.


NEWW-Polska Regional Website

WWW.NEWW.ORG.PL was launched in the beginning of 2000. It serves as a portal of information about women and gender issues in the region


Polish Translation and Adaptation of "Our Bodies, Ourselves"

The goal of this Project was to translate and adapt into Polish "Our Bodies, Ourselves" - the famous women's health information resource book which has been translated or adapted into 19 languages.

Gender Policy Conference in Krakow

Held every two years in the region Gender Policy Conferences aimed at bringing together researchers and activists to develop joint strategies for women's economic justice initiatives. The first conference was held in July 2001 in Krakow, Poland.


Women's Economic Justice Network: Strengthening Feminist Economic Expertise in Central and Eastern Europe

The Women's Economic Justice Network (WEJN) was a direct outgrowth of the 2001 NEWW Gender Policy Conference. The objective of the WEJN was to facilitate the participation of women and women's NGOs in economic decision-making processes in CEE/NIS and to make economic justice resources easily accessible through the Internet in English, Russian and Polish

Gender and Economic Justice in EU Accession and Integration

In partnership with the Karat Coalition, the project of NEWW-Polska aimed to use the European Union (EU) integration process to strengthen women's economic rights and gender equality in CEE/NIS. The project objectives included promoting gender and economic justice for women in CEE/NIS and fostering a better understanding and cooperation between the EU and other countries of Europe. NEWW-Polska was responsible for resource development and dissemination, communications, and networking.


In 2002 NEWW launched the Economic and Social Policy Fellowship Program and supported one Fellow, Lenka Simerska from Prague Gender Center
NEWW-Polska has started legal counseling for women victims of violence and discrimination.


NEWW-Polska has begun psychological counseling for women who suffer violence or mobbing. Consultations with a psychologist and a lawyer are free of charge.

Gender Policy Conference in Gdansk

In April 2003, NEWW and NEWW-Polska held their second Gender Policy Conference, "Women and Economy" in Gdansk, Poland. Over 60 women from 18 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Newly Independent States and the Russian Federation (CEE/NIS), the United States and the European Union participated in the conference. This conference focused on three areas of economic policymaking: European Structural Funds, Gender Budgeting and Foreign Direct Investment.


YES for European Union, YES for gender equality

- campaign organized before the referendum deciding on Polish accession to the EU.

Feminist Library

NEWW-Polska has opened a feminist library with many publications on law, psychology and feminist movement

The Planning Meeting "2004 NEWW-Polska & NEWW Gender Budgeting Initiatives in CEE/NIS region", Gdansk, Poland, 14th -18th April 2004.

The strategic planning meeting brought together 25 pracitioners from the region of CEE/CIS The Participants were looking at the possibilities of launching "Gender Budget Initiatives in their countries ". This planning meeting served to develop the strategies of popularizing the tool of GB in the region.

NEWW-Polska becomes the International Secretariat of NEWW

In May 2004 the International Headquarters of NEWW have been moved from Washington to Gdansk.
Since 2004 NEWW has involved in numerous projects and initiatives. It would be difficult to enumerate them all but all NEWW publications, reports and information are to be found on the website.
Because of the developments in the region of CEE/CIS (some countries becoming members of the EU) and hence shifting interests of activists it was difficult to keep the formal structure of NEWW and even to organize regular meetings of members except on-line.
Nevertheless NEWW continues to be a network of individuals and groups that over the years become involved in different configurations in projects advancing women’s rights in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and some countries who in the past used to be the so called republics of the Soviet Union.