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ICT for Women

The project is sponsored by European Union, Phare 2001 Programm - "Development of civil society"
Informatyczna i ekonomiczna edukacja kobiet znajdujących się w trudnej sytuacji
Computer SkillsInformation and Economic Training for unemployed women, in difficult circumstances February-October 2004
This project is aimed at women from the the region of Pomerania (counties of Tczew, Nowy Dwór and Gdańsk) who are unemployed or who have started their own small business in the last two years (after being unemployed). The goals of the project include providing training in computer skills and small Business and Information Technology for those women most likely to be left out of mainstream social and economic life. It also aims to increase their chances by providing them with a knowledge of new communication and information technologies and methods of management and marketing. 20 unemployed women and 20 women running their own small firmscompanies for less than 2 years are taking part in this project.
The programme is targetted at women, especially those from small towns, as they are often pushed onto the sidelines of social, economic and political life. Despite being well educated, women still find it difficult to get jobs suited to their skills and education because either they are considered too young, and therefore likley to have children, or too old.
Women have fewer opportunities to keep up with the latest technological innovations, which is essential if they are to be competitive in the job market.
A "joint website" project is part of this program. It enables participants to present themselves on the web and gives them a joint group identity of enterprising, courageous, modern women. Each of the participants is also given the chance to advertise her company and its products. They are also provided with a website and an e-mail address for their companies. The"joint website" doubles up as an advertisement for the project itself.
The project is sponsored by the European Union, in Phare 2001 - Development of Civil Society Program.