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Women’s network

The Network of East-West Women connects women's advocates in more than 30 countries in the region of CEE/NIS. NEWW members represent all strata of society - human rights activists, writers, students, journalists, lawyers, parliamentarians, professors, artists, union organizers, health care workers and feminist activists. NEWW's overarching goal is to support the formation of independent women's movements and to strengthen the capacities of women and women's NGOs to influence policy regarding women's lives.
NEWW provides its members with the following opportunities:
  • As an organization officially accredited to the UN Economic and Social Council, NEWW offers its members opportunities to participate in UN conferences, forums and events.
  • Access to a global network of activists, researchers, journalists, lawyers and others concerned with women's position in CEE/NIS.
  • Participation in regional projects run by NEWW
  • Invitations to meetings, conferences and special events.
  • Promotion of NEWW members' initiatives and actions
  • Information about NEWW programs, materials and publications.
  • Contacts to other NEWW members through our database.
  • Participation in annual NEWW's International Council's elections.
  • Access to listserves
NEWW implements its activities using the new information and communication technologies.
  • NEWW's 19 member International Council includes prominent women's rights scholars and advocates from 12 countries East and West.
  • Between 1994 and 1997, NEWW established the first women's electronic communications network, NEWW On-Line, which continues to be one of the largest on-line networks in the CEE/NIS region devoted to women's issues.
  • Started in 1997, the NEWW Legal Fellowship Program has supported the advocacy work of 26 women's rights lawyers.