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Our Bodies, Ourselves

Polish adaptation of "Our bodies, Ourselves"

" Our bodies, Ourselves" encourages you to value and share your own insights and experiences, and to use its information to question the assumptions underlying the care we all receive so that we can deal effectively with the medical system and organize for better care
Why in Polish?
The idea of the publication of the book in Poland has been in the air for many years. The project aims at initiating a public debate and drawing attention to the issues of women's health and public health care.
This translation and adaptation is important for several reasons:
  • Due to the post-communist transformation, the health care sector is in the process of the major reform. The result is that there is a lack of clarity and atmosphere of confusion in the general population regarding the public and private health-care services.
  • This lack of clarity often translates into a lack of solid knowledge about health care, illness prevention, and treatment. It also results in a lack of trust in the medical system. Patients seek reliable information.
  • For a number of reasons, women do not yet have a large repertoire of information about body issues, sexuality, and health care problems specific to women. Due to the positions taken by some political parties and major Catholic Church leaders, sex education is not generally available in the schools. Solid factual information is needed to counteract popular myths
  • Poland has not yet faced health care crises such as AIDS, which would generate major public awareness and educational campaigns. Such campaigns are gradually beginning, however, including a breast cancer awareness campaign spearheaded by "First lady" Jolanta Kwasniewski
Book specificity
"Our Bodies, Ourselves is the bible for women's health....It has served as a way for women, across ethnic, racial, religious and geographical boundaries, to start examining their health from a perspective that will bring about change."
- Byllye Avery, Founder of the National Black Women's Project.
"What has made each generation of women rejoice in discovering themselves in Our Bodies, Ourselves is that it still emanates from women's experiences as faithfully as ever."
- Helen Rodriguez-Trias, Past President of the American Public Health Association
"Within these pages, you will find the voice of a women's health movement that is based on shared experience. Listen to it -- and add your own."
- Gloria Steinem
  • Our Bodies, Ourselves reflects the vital health concerns of women of diverse ages, ethnic and racial backgrounds and sexual orientations.
  • It is a source of new information, references (including Internet resources) and personal support for the decisions that will shape women's health and women's lives.
  • OBOS topics explored range from living a healthy life, to relationships, sexuality, childbearing, and growing older, to dealing with the medical system and organizing for change.
  • This is a book for women of all generations to use and to share with others.
  • It attempts to raise awareness within society about the health, sexuality and reproductive rights, distributes practical and usable knowledge, gives individual advice, and makes recommendations for change.
  • It will also attempt to encourage women to speak openly about their experiences and induce change.
  • It aims at helping Polish women as far as their treatment by state institutions such as maternity wards and prosecutor offices where they report the domestic violence cases are concerned.
  • The publication will attempt to encourage women to:
    1. speak openly about their experiences and induce change as well as
    2. promote a pro-choice attitude to women's stereotypical roles and
    3. make them familiar with their reproductive rights
    4. provide them self-help and self-care tools