World Day Against Child Labour - June 12 - Give Girls A Chance - Tackling Child Labour - ILO report

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This report provides an overview on involvement of girls in child labour, and policy responses required to tackle the problem. It provides global estimates on girl child labour, and looks at major sectors of work in which girls are involved.



International Labour Organisation Says Crises Increase Risk Of Girls Becoming Child Labourers


The ILO report says the most recent global estimate indicated that more than 100 million girls are involved in child labour, and many are exposed to some of its worst forms.


Girls face a number of particular problems that justify special attention, including:


- Much work undertaken by girls is hidden from public view, which creates particular dangers. Girls make up the overwhelming number of children in domestic work in third party households and there are regular reports of the abuse of child domestic workers;


- In their own homes, girls take on household chores to a much greater extent than boys. Combined with economic activity outside the household, this imposes a “double burden” that increases the risk of girls dropping out of school; and,


- In many societies girls are in an inferior and vulnerable position and are more likely to lack basic education. This seriously restricts their future opportunities.


The report highlights the importance of investing in the education of girls as an effective way of tackling poverty. Educated girls are more likely to earn more as adults, marry later in life, have fewer and healthier children and have decision-making power within the household. Educated mothers are also more likely to ensure that their own children are educated, thereby helping to avoid future child labour.


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Tytuł informacji: World Day Against Child Labour - June 12 - Give Girls A Chance - Tackling Child Labour - ILO report
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