Feminist Meeting in Warsaw at the Eve of Beijing+20 Celebrations

Warsaw meeting participants (13/14 Dec. 2014)

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31 representatives of feminist, LBT and immigrant organisations met in Warsaw on December 13/14 to discuss the Beijing+20 celebrations in Poland and in Europe.

"2015 is a very exciting time for gender equality and women’s rights, and for the women’s movement globally and in Europe.

The international community will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, a fundamental human rights instrument for women and girls adopted in 1995. At the same time, the European Union (EU) will adopt its new Strategy on Equality between women and men, which should be the framework of the EU action on gender equality and women’s empowerment for the coming 5 years. At the international level, a new global framework for development will be adopted, with new Sustainable Development Goals, amongst which women’s rights and gender equality will be the subject of a standalone goal. Also, in 2015 the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) will celebrate its own anniversary, 25 years of feminist action and activism all over Europe! An exciting and diverse new wave of feminist activism is bursting forth throughout the world and in Europe, connecting women and men in new campaigns and actions to combat discrimination and misogyny.

The celebration of Beijing+20 therefore comes at a strategic time for the women’s movement and the EU policies on gender equality."

from the introduction of EWL President Viviane Teitelbaum and Secretary General Joanna Maycock to EWL report "From Words to Action" that was translated into Polish and was a basis of discussion during the december meeting in Warsaw.


The meeting was organized by Network of East-West Women in partnership with Rosa Luxemburg Fundation and Izabela Jaruga Nowacka Fundation 





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Tytuł informacji: Feminist Meeting in Warsaw at the Eve of Beijing+20 Celebrations
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