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Security and Identity
„Freedom and Peace” Movement (1985-1990) and its international activity

7-8 October, Warsaw

Warsaw City Library Koszykowa 26/28

October 7th (Friday), 5.00 pm

opening the exhibition about the “WiP” Movement

Opening presentations: Zbigniew Romaszewski, Jacek Czaputowicz

Honorary guests from Ukraine in the debates:

I „Identity – Experience – Future (Polish – Ukrainian context)” (07.10.2011, 5.30 – 8:30 pm):
Alik Alisewicz (one of informal leaders of the hippie movement in Ukraine); Yaroslav Hrytsak (Lviv, Catholic Ukrainian University), Myroslav Marynovich (Deputy President of the Catholic Ukrainian University in Lviv); Mykola Ryabchuk (Ukrainian Centre for Cultural Studies in Kyiv), Taras Woźniak (Editor in Chief of the „Ji” quarterly), Markijan Iwaszczyszyn (DZYGA Project, Lviv),
Debate moderated by: Bogumiła Berdychowska, Jan Piekło
II „Individual versus State – State versus ethical choices – historical and present experience” (guests from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Austria and Germany) (08.10.2011, 10.00 am):
Markus Meckel (former dissident and a last Minister of Foreign Affairs of DDR, former MP) Wolfgang Templin (Head of H. Boell Stiftung, Warsaw), Aleksander Podrabinek (former dissident, human rights activist and journalist from Moscow), Franak Vyachorka (opposition activist from Belarus), Florian Wenninger (University of Vienna), Vienna); Alik Alisiewicz (Lviv); Kacper Szulecki (University of Konstanz).
Debate moderated by: Zuzanna Dąbrowska and Dariusz Zalewski
III „Ethnic Minorities in the PRL and nowadays – is empathy possible in the international relations?” (8.10.2011, 1.00 pm):
Taras Woźniak (Lviv), Aleksander Milinkiewich (the leader of the movement „For Freedeom”, Belarus); Tadeusz Gawin (former leader of polish minority in Belarus), Mariusz Maszkiewicz (UKSW), Bohdan Cywiński (publicist), Kornel Morawiecki (the leader of the „Fighting Solidarity” (1982-1990), Nikolay Ivanov (Opole University); Lucjan Winnicki (Wrocław University); Joanna Konieczna-Sałamatin (Warsaw University), guest from Lithuania (tbc).
Debate moderated by Jerzy Żurko, Bogumiła Berdychowska
IV „State security and a well being of an Individual” (Ethics – Ecology – Raison d’Etat); (experts from Poland, Ukraine and Germany) (8.10.2011, 3.00 pm)
(Zbigniew Karaczun SGGW, Warsaw, Maryana Bułgakowa (“Legal Analytics”- EACLA, Lviv), Andrzej Kassenberg (The Institute for Sustainable Development, Warsaw) (representative from Germany (tbc). Global crisis or chance for climate-energetic change/challenge in a different regions of Europe and the World. Ecological and ethical conflicts in the international relations in the era of “post Kyoto” agreements.
Debate moderated by Jarosław Dubiel i Radosław Gawlik


Polish-American Freedom Found (RITA Program, Education for Democracy), H. Bőll, Stiftung (Warsaw) Austrian Culture Forum (Warsaw), PAUCI Found (Polish-Ukrainian), Found for Poles In the former Soviet States (Fundacja Pomocy Polakom na Wschodzie); Ministry of the Foreign Affairs (Polish Embassies in Kiev and Moscow).

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