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Women's Hell Goes On

Wanda Nowicka is a president of Polish Federation for Woman and Family Planning. The Federation defends the right to legal and safe abortion, to full accessibility of all medically accepted family planning methods and to modern gender-sensitive sex education. The Federation advocates for better reproductive health and rights standards and practices towards women within the healthcare system. It provides education and counseling services for women and youth with respect to family planning, sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS and other related issues.
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Unconventional Gay Novel

Lubiewo is a superbly written and unconventional gay novel that can be read in a number of ways. It is the book's informative character, however, that will be most important to the majority of readers. Michał Witkowski exposes a world that has never before been portrayed: the gay underground. Departing radically from both political correctness and the aesthetic sublimation so characteristic of homoerotic Polish writing in the twentieth century, he allows the homosexually desiring Other to remain the Other - without embellishing or glorifying their world. This is what makes Lubiewo so vulgar and provocative.
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The Book Of Em

Izabela FILIPIAK (fiction writer, playwright, critic, Poland; b. 1961, Gdynia) ۠After being granted political asylum in the United States in 1986, she wrote, directed, and appeared in a one-person play, Hollywood, at the Open Center in New York and took courses in drama, playwriting and directing.
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